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Want to Learn Product Design?

So I'm in the process of creating a bunch of free and eventually premium content taking my 14+ years of experience and giving it back to you.

Methods & Process
Design within the software sphere, can touch nearly all part of an organization, and is absolutely certainly so within the development and maintenance of any software product. Saying as such I have been lucky enough to have developed methods and process, which I believe will aid you in the creation of your own products.

So I want to share everything I have learnt over the years with you. I'm currently in the process of building a comprehensive product design course (UI/UX) to teach you the entire workflow of a product designer. In the way i wish someone had taught me.

This is the product of the many years of trial and error, which I can tell you, is where the insights live. Once completed I'm hoping to make your life ten times easier in approach in creating a product.

If you are interested in the upcoming course, please do sign up to my newsletter as I will be irregularly asking for feedback into what are the things you really want to know.
The Product Design Workflow
To give a high level glimpse of a process I used to develop products. The intention is to cover the full spectrum of concerns when launching an idea.
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Educational Tutorials
Tutorial Series on Micro Interactions
This tutorial series is focused purely on micro interactions within websites. Why you ask? Well this is where the internet becomes insanely enjoyable, and I'd like to help you and others create awesome experiences.

So I'll be exploring a bunch of weird and wonderful ways to creating real time dynamic interactions and animations. The tool of choice is as it is an immensely powerful for both creating websites as a designer without coding knowledge, whilst also being a fantastic tool to play and prototype with new and unique interactions.

At this moment there will be two types of tutorials ones that are based on the fundamental interactions which intended to help you and your users with better affordance in your interfaces and a second category of fun and experimental interactions, such as those that using the 3D spaces and the wonders of dynamically controlled animations.

Saying this just getting started, So if you have any requests of a difficult or desired interactions send me a message, and I'll see if I can do my best to create it, or source a solution.
Micro Interactions Articles:
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UI Design Master Class
So I'm in the process of building an all-rounder product design course which will fully encompasses the product design process from User Research to UI/UX all the way to launching a product.

Who is it for you to ask? Well for you, if you know nothing about design or creating a product and want your start, or you are a working design professional who wants to top up their skills and workflows this course will be for you.

This is the beginning to end workflow for product design. So watch this space and if your interested on getting updated once the course is complete to add your subscribe below.
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💬 Design Mentorship
Get feedback on your idea and design
Good design is the fact of many iterations, feedback or critique is a rapid avenue to understand if your designs are working or not. Because of this fact I have created a little discord channel to gather people to help give constructive feedback on anyone's work. To check it out join the discord.
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Inspiration Feed
So one of the most important part of design is collecting good source material. So saying that I'd thought I'd try to collect logical buckets of source material to be inspired by when need to design from. That being light and dark user interfaces.

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Killer Interactions

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