Professional Services
I offer work offerings in three core areas, those of which can provide the highest value to you. "Value Discovery & Testing" which is about validating an idea early, "Minimal Viable Product Phase" which is about building a product that gets built quickly holding its essential value, and the product launch phase which is about getting to your core clients.
Value Discovery & Testing
I will help you test your idea and its core assumptions while rapidly  iterating it in the market.
• User Research
• Idea Validation
Minimal Viable Product
Crafting the simplest possible product that holds and provides the essential value required to succeed.
• Web Applications
• Mobile Application
Branding & Launch
Once you have a product offering, you will need a strong brand and appropriate launch strategy to succeed.
• Marketing Website
• Launch Strategy
Phase One
• Ideation/Strategy
• Market Research
• User Validation
Phase Two
• Interface Design
• Prototype Design
• Development Specs
Phase Three
• Project Management
• FE Development
Phase Four
• Launch Strategy
• Branding
• Illustration/Imagery
• Film/Motion
2021 - Killer Interactions
A fully guided, exercise driven approach to learning user interface design and crafting design systems from scratch!
2020 - Web App - Latana Brand Dashboard
A web app which helps companies analyses market research about brand perception
2019 - iPhone App - Driverless Uber
An iPhone app to order a taxi which is driverless
2018 - iPhone App - Vertrax
An iPhone app to track and find back country ski routes
2018 - Web App - Mozilla Experiment
An mobile first web app to help Mozilla crowd source responses for their product reviews
2018 - Medical Forms - Phisicc
Paper based medical forms that assist doctors in avoiding mistakes during diagnosis
2018 - Board Game - What the Block
A board-game that explains what a blockchain is and why it can be valuable.
2016 - Web App - Media Sifter
A web app which aggregates news sources, ranking content via crowd sourced fact checking.
2015 - Object - Sound Blocks
An musical instrument that assists learning in how sound fundamentally works